Bowen for Vaulting.

A special combination.
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Vaulting, Bowen Therapy and EMRT - a magic mix for success!

Vaulting Horses
Vaulting horses are high performing athletes. EMRT can help with common issues like sore backs, tendon injuries, lameness, stiffness, coughs & colds, fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Release & relaxation in a very gentle, yet profound way.
Vaulting is very taxing for the human body. Bowen Therapy can help with acute and chronic injuries and pains (e.g. shoulders, backs, knees), regeneration after surgery, muscle spasms, stiffness, low energy and also to calm nerves before competitions.
Lungers & Riders
Lunging is particularly strenuous for wrists, arms, shoulders and hips. Riders may sit unbalanced due to spinal or pelvic misalignment and thus negatively influence the horse. Bowen treatments can bring everything back into balance!

The uniqueness of Vaulting and Bowen Therapy

Vaulting is powerful,dynamic, full of movement and strength - yet, none of this would be possible without gentleness, sensitivity and the quiet moments between vaulter and horse where they communicate without words and full of trust.

Vaulting is physical and yet subtle. A fascinating dance between bodies, emotions and mind - a magic harmony of vaulter and horse.

So is Bowen Therapy.
It is physical, a bodywork using touch, hands & movement as its main tool. Yet it is subtle, working in quiet communication with the body, in a harmonious flow of rhythm, energy and vibration. It, too, is a fascinating dance of the body, mind and emotions. Provoking powerful healing with minimal influence.  Just like vaulters try to have minimal influence on the horse.


To improve the health, well being and harmony of vaulter and horse, I work with both, using the same method and approach: Bowen Therapy for the human athlete, EMRT (Bowen for Horses) for the equine athlete. Only when both are healthy and well-balanced, optimal performance can be achieved.

Because we know:
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts... !

My Service for Vaulting

Whatever your problem or interest is, I'll tailor a package according to your needs. It always starts with a conversation (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.) to find out how I can best help you.
I can work with only one horse or one person, or I can do more - a whole team, several horses, riders and lungers included.

At my first visit I conduct a thorough assessment of the horse(s) and/or vaulter(s). I also watch a training if it is helpful to assess the case. Often it is little things, which an outsider can see much easier, that make a difference or explain why a certain problem exists.
I will then develop a treatment plan which I'll discuss with you, the athletes and your Vet. We will fit the treatment plan around your training- and competition schedule to achieve maximum results and the fastest recovery possible.

Whenever possible, I come to you - and I travel far. The two main countries I work in regularly are Australia and Austria, but I'm happy to travel to other countries too.
If you are too far away or you need urgent treatments I can also give distant treatments over the phone, WhatsApp, Skype, whatever suits you best. It works just as well as physical treatments. Please enquire if you'd like to know more about distant treatments.


Bowen Therapy & EMRT
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and elsewhere - I travel, also international!
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